The Concept

Why are leprechauns only found in Ireland ? What are they doing, and how did they get here ? Like many before us we were curious, so step by step we entered into the world of Leprechauns, otherworld creatures and magical places. Time began to slow down and ancient history became as real as yesterday. This is a world of stories some of them are true but all are real.


This otherworld lives beside ours, green and invisible it sings its own songs of ancient rocks and sacred trees, secret passages and time portals. Over 40,000 fairy places dot the landscape, standing stones and sacred groves, fairy palaces and sacred wells reflecting a world beyond ours but linked to us, our ancestors and those to come after.

Many people in Ireland have a family story, the one that can’t easily be explained away. In Ireland we are not many generations removed from farming life, many of these stories have a family truth to them, an emotional connection to the place and person in the story. A gate on the farm that disappeared one night only to reappear in the morning, a tree in the corner of one field that brings good luck, another that is cursed, a rock that once walked down the hill for a drink of water. A river that cries out calling its victims to their death.


Stories start in the landscape, lived experiences in a physical world that had not changed for thousands of years. These stories are layered on experience and cultural imagination woven into the fabric of our lives.

We wanted to create a space for these stories and their intangible heritage. A museum of imagination, a place for stories in the landscape, a place for people to hear living, breathing ancient stories.

Our rich tradition of storytelling stretches back to a time before books or even manuscripts. This was a time when oral storytelling was the medium and storytellers were prized and feared by the rich and powerful.