Working Together

Working Together: Education. Collaboration. Imagination.

Storytelling is a collaborative exercise. For more than a decade now we have worked with our audiences, education groups at all levels, corporate and social groups. All of this has been with the aim of learning through the construction and use of narrative and imagination.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s an individual, a brand or a group who share a common message. Our passion is to work with you to help you tell your story.

We have built a network both in Ireland and all across Europe, giving us access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Over the years, the National Leprechaun Museum has seen many great Storytellers pass through our doors. Many people who have gone on to become well-known Storytellers got their start with us, gaining the confidence and skills needed to entertain an audience with the ancient art of storytelling. We are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and creative environment for our Storytellers to learn, develop, and grow in. Our Storytellers have a range of talents and experience, they can capture your imagination and beguile your hearts, and now they want to pass on these skills to you! We want our museum to serve as a hub to provide support for Storytellers the world over, offering our expertise to help with research, teaching, and training. Storytelling can lead to greater empathy, and we truly believe that narrative can change people’s lives.

The Museum’s workshops are an interactive, immersive, and (most importantly) fun journey through the magical world of storytelling. Our facilitators will guide you through exercises, and group discussions designed to help you express yourself through the ancient art of storytelling, while bringing out your own authentic voice. We will provide you with the tools needed to become better communicators, learning how to understand and connect with others. Whether you are a complete novice just starting out, or a more seasoned veteran, our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs, allowing you to set out what goals you wish to achieve while we provide the rest. Our Storytellers have worked with people from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds, from all over the world, and with their help you can master one of the world’s oldest artforms.

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The World is a big open space, filled with opportunities and adventures. As with all journeys, the road is easier with good traveling companions, and we are always on the look out for exciting new partnerships and projects.

Creative collaboration can offer several advantages beyond the benefits of general collaboration. By engaging in healthy partnerships, we bring together diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas, which can lead to innovative solutions and ideas that might not have been possible without collaboration.

Expanded skill sets provide an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, techniques, and approaches, while at the same time provide a supportive environment for us all to experiment with new ideas and take creative risks. The more time we spend working alongside partners with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, the greater diversity of thought and ultimately more robust our outcomes are.

If you have a project in mind, or something you want to achieve, something that by working together we can all learn and benefit from, then please reach out to us. Together we can do more.

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Media Enquiries

As a Museum dedicated to creativity, the imagination and the telling of stories, we love nothing more than helping others tell their own stories. We’ve over a decade of working with top media creators from multiple disciplines. Whether its facilitating the filming of music videos or national ad campaigns on site here at the museum, hosting live broadcasts for TV, Online and Radio, and even consulting and appearing in our roles as seasoned and enthusiastic Storytellers lovers of Irish culture, myths and legends. If you want to discuss the options and possibilities, then simply reach out to us.

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“This museum was unlike any other I’ve been to, in a positive way. It’s a multimedia venue but was unlike anything else as it revolves around storytelling.”

Susan O’Reilly Boston, USA

I absolutely loved the story teller and learned so much about the Irish Folkstories!! The thought they put in the arrangement really paid off. Feels like stepping into a different world.

Molly Casey Westport, Ireland